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DIY – Install flooring in a trailer

1 Dec


After toying around with the idea of installing fake hardwood planks, we opted for vinyl sheeting instead. Covering our plywood subfloor with vinyl was easy and done in one day. Now if only we could seal the shell so we can take the tarp off of our Airstream!

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DIY – Installing plastic window guides

24 Jun


We would like to share our tips & tricks for installing window guides on a vintage Airstream. Our 1969 Airstream’s window guides were in bad shape and desperately needed a facelift. They were cracked, squished, and yellowing from old age, making it hard to open and close our windows.

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DIY – Removing the Insulation

11 Jun


After a few long hard days of work our Airstream’s interior is completely gutted to it’s aluminum shell. There was a lot of anticipating building up to our “Insulation Removal” day, so we went ahead and bought all of our supplies prior. We knew working with fiberglass was going to be messy and we wanted to remove all of it in one day. We took another day to power-wash, sweep, and remove all wires and plumbing.

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DIY – Demolition Derby

20 May


It was a hard decision to make but we have decided to gut our Airstream entirely and “start fresh”. We are hoping to tear down, seal leaks, re-wire, re-insulate, re-plumb, and finally rebuild a custom interior. The decision was made by both of us after we started seeing numerous signs of critters including burrows, holes, and feces. The smell is similar to your grandmas moth ball infested closet, but we will get to that in a later post.

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