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DIY – Install flooring in a trailer

1 Dec


After toying around with the idea of installing fake hardwood planks, we opted for vinyl sheeting instead. Covering our plywood subfloor with vinyl was easy and done in one day. Now if only we could seal the shell so we can take the tarp off of our Airstream!

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Subfloor installed and a road trip!

1 Nov


We’ve been busy this past fall! Here is a pictorial story of our subfloor getting installed, and our recent roadtrip to the family farm in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. We had a ton of help from American Truck and Trailer installing our plywood subfloor. They alerted us that there was a massive stinkbug infestation underneath the old floor. We got rid of the bugs, sprayed the frame with rustoleum, and added foam sheets under the new flooring for insulation.

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Video Update: Installing New Plastic Window Guides

24 Jun

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Calling all Architects!

11 Apr

Original Layout

Are you an Architect, Designer, or just a Streamer Dreamer like us? We are rebuilding our 27ft 1969 Overlander from the floor up! First things first – we need to come up with a new layout plan.

The picture shows the original layout. I will add pictures of her current state soon. Original cabinets still in tact but need sprucing, and couch is missing but we want to build a dinette there. We need to figure out kitchen and sleeping arrangements. Any ideas? Please leave in the comment section.

The Easter bunny is bringing us an Airstream!

3 Apr


So our date is set for this Sunday 4/8/12 to pick up our Airstream! Erin, Kevin, and I will all be driving together to pick the Airstream up from NY. It’s roughly a 6 hour drive so were going to have a long time to talk about our renovation plans. I can honestly say I haven’t looked forward to Easter in a long time; it’s been over a decade since I’ve gotten an Easter basket. This week couldn’t be crawling by any slower as our anticipation builds.

We have been trying really hard to get all our ducks in a row so things go without a hitch! Pun intended. Here are some things to think about when acquiring a new Airstream:

  • Tow Package & Hitch (the guys at Camping World helped us out with this one)
  • Title, Registration, Bill of Sale- Every State and County have different rules, check your local DMV website
Camping World

Camping World in Winchester, VA

If you can think of anything else we need please leave it in the comments section. Happy Easter Airstreamers!


It's official, we have a title for our Airstream!

The guys at Camp World fixing our hitch.

Towing vehicle?…Check!

26 Mar


Check out the new 2012 Ford F-150 Platinum Edition…

There is a small section in the manual about towing…

How hard can it be? We will continue to bring you constant coverage all the  way up to the fiery wreckage!