Subfloor installed and a road trip!

1 Nov

1 Nov


We’ve been busy this past fall! Here is a pictorial story of our subfloor getting installed, and our recent roadtrip to the family farm in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. We had a ton of help from American Truck and Trailer installing our plywood subfloor. They alerted us that there was a massive stinkbug infestation underneath the old floor. We got rid of the bugs, sprayed the frame with rustoleum, and added foam sheets under the new flooring for insulation.


Rustoleum & Great Stuff


Ewww stink bug infested under the old floor!


They really sell this


The floor halfway in


Houston we have a floor!

After we had the floor installed it was roadtrip time – like the very next day ;) Before our roadtrip we also got our axles checked, new brakes, state inspection, and reinforced the awning. We even designed awesome road trip t-shirts! The front has our logo and the back has the shape of Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. Please contact for custom tee shirt design inquiries.


Our custom roadtrip tees


Who says you can’t tow an empty shell?!


Kaitlin & Lucy


Driving past Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula



Honorable mention, A+ for creativity!


Kaitlin & Erin


Erin & Kaitlin sleeping in our empty shell


until next time…!


So there you have it, our road trip in a nutshell. I would go into details about the campgrounds we stayed at and how we managed to lock the keys in the truck at a rest stop – but – in the words of Sweet Brown — “ain’t nobody got time for that”. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to get our updates in real time! Any questions? Leave em in the comments area below, we love to hear from fellow roadtrippers!

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  1. Kate December 29, 2015 at 12:32 am #

    We are thinking of buying a airstream and redoing it and was wondering if when u did the subfloor did u have to jack the body of the trailer up off the frame?

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